Band Members


Drums: Chris
Chris is the co-founder of Fierce Justice, and settles for nothing less than beating the living daylights out of his drum kit. He is a heavy hitter, aiming for maximum impact and drive, without compromising the groove and the vibe.
Influences: Jess Margera, Ben “Gaz” Gordon, Joey Jordison

Rhythm Guitar: Nik
The co-founder of Fierce Justice, Nik approaches his playing with heavy attack and aggression of 70’s and 80’s rock guitarists, while also drawing upon the blues inspired licks for soloing.
Influences: Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Doug Aldrich.

Lead Guitar: Nave
Nave joined the band in 2012, and instantly made his mark in the band’s sound with his blistering solos. His style is diverse and can range from classical and mellow, to uncompromising 80’s shred.
Influences: Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Jake E. Lee.
393020_10151576976344326_1357646724_n Vocals & Bass: Dan
He became the voice of Fierce Justice in early 2013, and has finally cemented the band’s sound by delivering old school inspired rock and metal vocals. He keeps a few spare microphones on stage, in case one of them bursts into flames from his screams. As of September 2014, Dan has also been providing service on the bass, to the band.
Influences: Dio, Rob Halford, Phil Anselmo.




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